Hunting Africa


We offer tailor made hunting safaris to suit your specific needs, whether it be red duiker or elephant, whether it be a luxury lodge or a bush camp we have the hunting area and accommodation you desire.

Generally our day will start at sunrise with the quick coffee and breakfast after which we head out for the morning hunting session which usually ends at around 12 o’clock when we will have lunch and then relax by the pool or take a “siesta” before returning to the bush at about 3 o’clock for the afternoon hunting session which ends at sunset. We then head back to the lodge take a shower  and enjoy some drinks by the fire followed by a well earned dinner.


Hunting is done mainly on foot.


South Africa

Boasts a wide variety of game species to target from many different plains game species to the big 5. We have many different concessions around the country to offer you exactly what you are looking for.



The  area in Tete province of Mozambique offers you big game hunting as it was in years gone by. The areas are truly massive, in excess of 700 000 acres. Hunting here is not for the feint hearted but is truly rewarding and enjoyable.


The concession in Zimbabwe offers big game hunting in close vicinity to the famous Kruger national park. Buffalo and elephant are found in large groups at the right time of the year.


Namibia is a truly unique destination and also offers various species which can only be hunted here.


Get in contact with us and we can put together a safari package to suit you!